About us

I was taught a little over a year ago by jerky master who was retiring.  We met due to the fact we were buying jerky from him for years because it was delicious.  Since then I have experimented successfully with new flavors. The Real Aloha and Breakfast are my newest iterations and are quickly becoming my most popular.

I currently have 8 flavors in my repertoire. All flavors have a base heat of black pepper, red pepper and tabasco sauce. The flavors are as follows:

Classic: the only one I make so far that uses soy sauce. I proudly use Kikkoman brand soy sauce.

Aged Classic: A little play on the regular classic. This one employing a longer marinade time, which changes the flavor profile making it a little less salty and adding a richer taster over all.

Teriyaki: your standard teriyaki. I proudly use Kikkoman brand teriyaki sauce.

Real Aloha: this teriyaki variation has crushed pineapple and a honey-pineapple teriyaki sauce.

Ghost Aloha: this version is the Real Aloha combined with the Bhut Jolokia(ghost pepper). Giving it a nice creeping heat

Breakfast: this one I tried to push the meat candy barrier. I proudly use Highland Sugarworks maple syrup from Vermont and brown sugar/sugar in the raw.

Teriyaki/Ghost Pepper: this teriyaki version utilizes the Bhut Jolokia pepper or commonly known as the Ghost Pepper.

Teriyaki/Carolina Reaper: so far this is my hottest offering, clocking in on the Scoville heat scale at 1.1 million to 2.2 million. Truly for the adventurous, but yet some still say its not hot enough.

Here are some examples of the meat I use and the marbling that I get in the meat.  My jerky is made from  100% choice Angus beef or higher.  My jerky is not extruded, it is sliced directly from the round.


Top of round before trimming
Top of round after trimming
Bottom of round before trimming
Bottom of round after trimming
round sectioned up and sliced